Image Courtesy: Reuters

People who have played Halo would know that Microsoft Cortana was an artificial intelligence system that goes wrong, Microsoft to prove their critics wrong and to show it too can offer something of a personal assistant to the likes of Siri & Google Now has launched the mostly awaited and anticipated Cortana.

What is Cortana?

Microsoft Cortana is a personal digital assistant that helps to organize your day-to-day activities, alongside regular web searches for information. Cortana will act as the primary way to discover and search for information on Windows Phone 8.1, or just an assistant to manage your meetings, reminders, and daily life. It does its best in trying to resemble a human assistant.

Microsoft says that Cortana will be socially intelligent, so for example you’ll be able to set a reminder to ask somebody about something, and the remainder will pop up if you text, call or otherwise interact with that person.


Image Courtesy: Reuters

How will it work?

Microsoft Cortana can be voice activated or you can type your questions or commands. It appears as a Live Tile on your device. Her intelligence comes via Bing(search engine). Cortana is designed to learn about you and store what matters in her Notebook. That means she’ll silence your phone during your favoured quiet times, warn you about travel issues and remind you that your friends owe you money.

When can I get her?

As of now, Microsoft plans to give the users a taste of her by releasing the beta version along with the Windows 8.1. The beta is currently for usage in the US only and the full version should be released around the end of 2014 and in 2015(India).

Cortana and Third party

Cortana is reportedly guaranteed to work with Skype, Facebook etc unlike Siri that works only with Apple’s own apps.

Let us hope that while the handset makers battle it out on who is the best, we could enjoy having 3 digital assistants to help us in all ways possible.