Facebook launched its popular Messenger app for Windows Phones after a long hiatus.

Is this the right time for Facebook? No, we don’t think so.

Whatsapp dominates the Windows phone domain and will continue to do so especially in light of recent events involving Facebook’s 19 billion dollar acquisition of the company. This is followed by WeChat, China’s answer to Whatsapp’s growing popularity. So, having all this and more, do we need a Facebook Messenger app or in other words, is it the need of the hour? Can it replace the popular messaging apps on the market? Let’s find out.

Going into the details:

The Messenger app has a neat interface featuring three pages/instances/tabs:

  • Messenger
  • Active
  • Recent

After initial setup which involves connecting your Facebook account to the app, we can see that contacts that have messenger on their phones are given the lightning bolt logo besides their photos. Also you are asked to provide your phone number.

The interface features a white background set with a blue bottom bar along with black typography. The photos of the contacts are cropped circularly much like iOS’ messaging interface with some crisp, uninspiring typeface.

The active tab shows all the online contacts along with the devices they are on. The Messenger tab shows all your Facebook contacts and Recent shows near past conversations.

The conversations interface is nothing new and features the usual bubbles, but it also displays your past Facebook conversations whether you had it on the Web or mobile. You can also send stickers that you have bought from the store.

Notifications can be switched on to give real-time updates and Location services can be enabled to let your friend know where you are.

You can attach and send photos but other files cannot be sent using the app. The option to mute a person has also been included for blocking friends who spam a lot. Any problem with the app can be reported via the options pane.



  • Neat and simple Interface (perhaps a little too simple?)
  • Previous conversation history
  • Messenger logos for contacts


  • File sharing not possible
  • Boring Typography
  • Very minimalistic.

As you can see there is not much here to beat the likes of popular clients like Whatsapp. We hope to see something different from Facebook in the future. Perhaps, a merger of Whatsapp services with the Messenger app?

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone can be downloaded here:


Size: 4MB

Publisher: Facebook

Platform: WP8