video conferencing

There are no dearth of options if you plan to video conference with someone yet in all of those how many do actually satisfy our need without compromising on quality, ease of accessibility is a question that we hope to have answers to, which again is due to our habitual thought process of not to try new ones and our affiliation to be content with the existing methods of video conferencing.

Amidst all this, imagine a plug-in that can exclusively enable video conferencing irrespective of whatever bandwidth or webcam we have. This small statement of surprise comes with a conditions apply which is that it is compatible only with chrome browser.

A brief introduction can be viewed through this link:

I do not wish to go into how this idea was ignited in the mind of its founders as it does not do any good but I will however try reasoning out as to why this plug-in is worth a shot.

The following are some of the currently available features:

1. Video conferencing

2. Chatting

3. Audio conferencing (I agree we do have phones for it and the likes of skype/viber will feel this as a treat to their existence)

4. Group text and private text

5. File transfer

Text messaging

The secret behind this video conferencing to work at low bandwidths too is Tringgr is developed with its own RTC API called TringgrRTC on top of WebRTC platform that makes it run on any bandwidth glitch free.

Actual areas of usage are enlisted below:

  1. Live Tutoring/product demo
  2. Customer Support
  3. Live Chat Support
  4. Interviews for HR processes,
  5. Taking actual Shops online
  6. Proctoring online exams
  7. Real time doubt clearance

While all the above points look fancy to read, a plug-in kind of technology will take time to seep into people as an option as privacy and confidentiality is a big problem that comes as a side-effect of internet usage. However, the makers clearly are targeting business use as their sole purpose behind this product.

Only time and effective marketing can make ideas of huge potential like these to reach its intended targets.

Here’s what the CEO of Tringgr Sushant Pandey has to say on this product:

Look at a scenario where you have to buy a high value product and you have got some doubts, also you are not sure how the product actually looks. Tringgr takes on this challenge and provides live product demonstration and sales agent interaction to provide the ultimate e-commerce experience and that too from within the e-commerce website. We are planning to place Tringgr at the center of this unique online experience and we are seeing very good response from our initial market research.