Firstly I do not own an iPhone which is sad and while my thirst to own it as early as possible has been increasing exponentially the new update of the iOS released by Apple has indeed shut down the minuscule doubts I had on if to shift to iOS from Android.

It is with no doubt a fact that all the iOS users would have updated to iOS 7.1, however I will still go ahead and compare on the differences between iOS 7 and iOS 7.1 so that the possibility of not noticing one or many changes is taken care of once you are done reading this post.

  1. Power Button :

    Power Button
    When we wish to shut down the device running in 7.1, the screen dims completely off the background with an elongated power off button prompting to slide to switch off and a circular cancel button to prevent the device from being shut down.

    While the battery it saves while switching off the power is minimal, it is a change that adds to an all new experience.

  2. Lock Screen:
    Lock screen

    The “slide to unlock” portion that is highlighted when the lock screen is displayed is much larger meaning that it covers more letters while the glitter moves from left to right.

  3. Dialer Screen:

    Dialer Screen
    The above illustration clearly dictates the fact that Apple has ensured that all its buttons look circular rather in box or oval like shapes.

  4. Contact creation:contact

    (“Plus” on the top left next to the numbers)
    This was the best feature I was excited about, when we dial in a number that is not a contact on the phone we have a “plus” (check the picture above) which when clicked will give the options to create a new contact or add the number to an existing contact.

    This was beauty in the tiniest detail possible.

  5. Darker Screen Tone:

    screen tone
    This feature is something which the users might surely not find it as an actual change unless they stress their eyes to notice, the Phone, messages and face time have a darker colour compared to that in iOS 7.

Other key changes include:

  • HDR mode – This is exclusively for iPhone 5S users where the iPhone will automatically decide whether to use the HDR or not while taking a snap if the HDR is under automatic mode
  • New button to switch to list view in Calendar app
  • Manually control Siri by holding the home button and releasing it once you are done speaking
  • Touch ID and passcode have a separate button as compared to being included inside general in iOS 7

I have saved the last for the best update in iOS 7.1 which is CarPlay. It integrates iPhone with your car to make calls, use maps and listen to music and access messages and currently is available only in iPhone 5 series.

Reports confirm that this new iOS update has made iPhone 4 series and the iPad first generation better and more usable which is great news for people who still use the yesteryear iPhones.

 Image Courtesy : iPhoneHacks