ZTE Grand Memo 2

After launching Grand Memo last year at MWC 2013, ZTE has gone ahead to launch its sequel of sorts with Grand Memo 2 at the MWC 2014.Whether it outshines its predecessor or if it takes a beating is for you to read on and find out.

Features ZTE Grand Memo 2
Display 6 Inch IPS HD Display
Processor Quad-core Snapdragon 400
Storage 16GB
Camera 13 MP rear 5MP in front
Battery 3,200mAh battery
Software Android 4.4.2

While the screen size makes you term it as another phablets, you could go ahead and give that a second thought since it is very slim at just 7.2mm.

The above specs do implicate that this phone is a monster but it too has a flaw in-fact one that will even be a factor that is going to make you either go for it or not. The Grand Memo was not such a success and with that in mind I am sure the processor was decided upon to give an affordable phone that is manageable at large.

The device runs on Android 4.4 with ZTE’s own custom UI running on top called MiFavor. It memorizes user habits and offers a customized tailored interface based on the user’s needs. One good thing is that you can organize your apps into folders.

The camera tries to scale the look of your clicks by including various grids and markers. The two new software additions are SmartShare and miniview. By enabling the SmartShare within the app, you can access the onscreen shortcut that’s triggered with a long-press of the back button. This brings up an app window that’s geared toward multitasking. The second function of the SmartShare icon is that of miniview, which works much like it sounds — it creates a smaller version of the screen so you can manipulate the Grand Memo II LTE with one hand.

The pricing is all that stands between making it get sold or lay on shelves neglected.

Image Courtesy: ZTE