As Twitter tries in vain to limit users using any other client to tweet apart from its own by limiting 3rd party twitter clients to 100,000 tokens each, there are various twitter clients that offer the best of tweeting experience – Carbon was one of them and as told in my earlier article it had reached its token limit thereby suspending users from creating new account.

While I have been using Carbon from the start, I always felt I need to end using carbon and start using another client. This concern of mine got answered a few days back when I heard of Fenix twitter app that was being previewed for users to try.

First things first , it’s in preview stage so when you are trying out this app do not delete your other client as there are always chances of you not liking this as days pass by.


A detailed review of the app will follow once this app is out in play store, however there are few key points that make fenix a client worth tweeting with.

1. Timeline – When you open the app, on the top left side you can see a number that displays the number of new tweets that are on your timeline unread, safe to say this is the first app to even have the future as all the others need you to swipe down to refresh

2. Interface – It’s very smooth, the best in-fact .We can expect updates on changing the background or the font colours of the timeline to make it look glossy

3.Columns – The favorites, retweets are all available at a touch away when the home button is clicked as the existing apps use slide left or right for viewing the other columns.

4. Search– The search option gives you two columns to choose from depending on what you are searching for – tweets/people

The app is available for usage via this link:

Image courtesy: Droid Life