Microsoft’s recent change from SkyDrive to OneDrive is apparently not only a change in name, but also a change in its policies and plans.

LiveSide claims that OneDrive will offer upto 8GB additional storage space along with a Dropbox-esque referral system. The new system offers a total of 5GB space through a maximum of 10 referrals of 500MB each.

An additional incentive will be offered to users who use the Camera Roll feature to upload albums to the cloud. 3GB is what you get on all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone if you were to do so. Note that both these storage additions will be a lifetime extension to your cloud storage.

A new feature has been announced wherein a user can share his folder with multiple other users along with edit permissions. In addition, the folder syncs across all the shared users and each user can add new owners to the shared folder.

OneDrive is scheduled to come later this year. Do you think this will be a game changer for Microsoft?

Check out OneDrive here.

The website allows you to enter your email-id so that you are notified when the service starts rolling.

In recent news, HubiC offers 10TB sorage at $13.99 per month. This will become the new trend among cloud storage providers in the future. You can join HubiC and avail 25GB free space as a starter bonus here.

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Picture Courtesy: Windowsphonedaily, Digital Trends