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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile there is no dearth for replacement in the place of the official twitter app, there are few that hold an edge amidst its competitors & Carbon App for Twitter ranks high among its peers in various aspects. Before I proceed let me put down your hopes right away by saying the Carbon has reached it token limit so no new users would be able to use this twitter client.

However, while it makes no sense to continue writing about the app that can’t be tried out , the least I could do for the wonderful experience it has given me is to share a word or two about it.

It does make sense to not get into its cons too for the already stated above reason.

  • Colour : We know carbon is generally black in colour and this app sticks to that originality and ensures it illustrates all the features in a manner that it does not look bad to the eyes at any point of time
  • Additions : It has the ability to add columns like direct messages etc and does posses inbuilt browser to make page viewing easier
  • Don’t disturb: you read it right !! this app does have the don’t disturb feature where you won’t be notified of the tweets in the timeframe mentioned by you
  • Multiple accounts : It has provision to manage multiple accounts
  • Quote style customisation : you do have the ability to use the method through you would want to tweet like “@screenname tweet text” /tweet text (via@screenname)
  • Interface : smooth as ice , pace of screen transition and the speed of the tweets that load is quick enough that you won’t have to wait

The above image shows the look of my timeline – the small square box on the right hand side bottom corner shows the profile picture along with the options tab(+ symbol).


The above image shows the setting options once the “+” is clicked – settings , search option , columns , favourites etc


The above unavailable app (sad but true !!) can be checked below :



Hope you are lucky to get to use this app and to make things simple I will share my view on the next twitter client that is a worthy successor of Carbon.

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