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In a bold and strategic move to outsmart competitors like Dropbox and Microsoft’s Skydrive, HubiC, the new competitor into the “space” market now offers a 10 TB storage plan at only 13.50 USD per month.

Originating as a French hosting company called OVH, HubiC was launched two years ago and now has transformed into a full-fledged cloud storage company. Though there are a lot of existing services like Google Drive and SkyDrive, we can still expect the company to go a long way into capturing dominance through succinct plans in the offing. It provides a sync client on the desktop, mobile apps and an API as well.


Once you sign up, you get 25 GB of free space, 100 GB at $1.35 per month and the 10 TB plan for $13.50 per month, which is really cheap if you ask me.

The problem they are to face is the lack of presence in the public domain. They have an advantage in the fact that they have their own infrastructure setup in place in terms of server housing and data centres.

We also know for a fact that another startup called Bitcasa tried offering $9.99 for unlimited storage. But in November, the company changed its plans such that you now get 1 TB at $10 per month and 99 USD for the unlimited plan.

So it is not certain that HubiC will maintain these plans for extended periods of time. The best advice that be given as of now is, “Go Grab it!”.

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