The micro blogging site takes little time to make you impressed, something different from Facebook yet Twitter does have its own fan club. Everyday their user base is getting bigger with people signing up to send short messages to their clan of friends via the web. But there are few facts that you would not be aware of the social networking site.

  1.  The first tweet sent on the site is on March 21st 2006 by its founder Jack Dorsey as “Just setting up my twttr” and yeah twitter was initially called twttr.
  2. Since Jack Dorsey was working in a company called Odeo, Twitter was initially created to be connected with Odeo company employees like an internal SMS communication system and hence was designed with a 140 character limit.
  3. Being founded in 2006 for first 3 yrs the company did not generate any revenue.
  4. Looks like Barack Obama’s Victory tweet was the most retweeted tweet.
  5. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, Argentina and Egypt.
  6. With 19 million followers the most followed brand on Twitter is YouTube
  7. Infographics shared on Twitter get 832% more retweets than images and articles.
  8. The team settled on the name twitter meaning chirps from birds to mean it in a manner as short burst of inconsequential information.
  9. When Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 there were 456 tweets per second a record at that time.
  10. Because of a Twitter donation, The Library of Congress has access to all tweets on Twitter for research and preservation.