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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n another move LinkedIn today launched a great feature ‘How You’re Connected’  which helps you to introduce yourself to other people thereby simplifying the way you can connect with people. The feature is being rolled out to English people and slowly will spread to all the users. As the company mentions, the feature will be enhanced with time and many new add on features will be introduced.


I loved the way LinkedIn wrote in its blog explaining the feature, started by explaining the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, which says that every person living in Hollywood is associated with a famous actor within 6 or less acquaintance, similarly if you get to know how you are connected to a person by which channel then establishing a connection becomes much more easy, otherwise finding these details becomes a bit tiring task.  A decent example has been given to explain the feature, check it here on the official blog.

So the next time you visit any person’s profile you will not only know which connection of yours know them but also how they know them. As of now there is no news as to when this feature will roll out for India but as a trend, it will be visible within months for the Indian users.

 Image Courtesy: Tychay, Flickr

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