Every single thing is evolving so as the internet, the internet has grown leaps and bounds in a short span of time. The concept of internet started with the Arpanet around 40yrs ago and now there is a huge amount of change associated with the name internet.  Especially from 1995 there has been an immense explosion in the statistics of people who started using the internet. As the number of people using the internet keep increasing the internet keeps evolving. So what do you think that grows of course the primary thing being data the amount of data would certainly take a major leap. Various formats of data are being travelled in the net like text files, audio, videos, and much more it is found that the majority of traffic is consumed by video files and around 2015 the much sought after data would be of video files. People go for visual form of data than the other forms hence it is estimated that within a year the major data consumption in the net traffic will be contributed by video files.

As well as when we talk about data it is now in gigabytes or terabytes it is estimated by Cisco that within an year Zettabytes would dawn and in 5 years time it will be the era of zettabytes. A visual comparison to the amount of data clasped by a zettabyte is that it is equal in size to the Great Wall of China.

Look at the infographic published by Cisco to know the growth estimation of the internet in a year’s time.

internet in 2015