Project Ara

Motorola has announced a free, open hardware platform for creating or customizing the smartphones, they have entered into a partnership with Dave Hakkens, the owner of Phonebloks (Check out the video below), who was working on a similar project.

The idea behind the product is that the smartphones available today have a life span of an year or a two and then we have to thow them away, and this is because of only a few parts, this project involves customizing the smartphones acc to the users need and liking. It involves creating a highly modular smartphone hardware enabling the users to customizing their smartphone the way they want.The phone will consist of two parts Endo and the Modules. Endo is the structure which holds the modules and will allow them to snugly fit in. Modules include anything from battery to keyboard and to display. Touch Sensors, gyrometers and processors will also contribute to the Modules.


Initial set of Modules and Endo released by Motorola to showcase the Idea: Courtesy Motorola Mobility

Project Ara, is is being led by the Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Product Group in partnership with Dave Hakkens. As communicated by Motorola they have been working on this platform and this will become an open platform where the developers will have the freedom to develop the third part modules and then sell them on a platform.
So its like what the apps are to software, project Ara is to hardware. If this works well this is going to revolutionize the way smartphones work and their life.

As reported this is not the first time such initiative has been taken, earlier a similar idea was propagated by an Israeli company Modu, which launched a Modu phone that was customizeable but the software at that time were not that advanced and so the idea didn’t work well.

Would be great to hear from you in comm ents what you feel about this idea which is capable of bringing a revolution in the Smartphone world!