Its been a long we have been hearing about Apple making some of the apps like the iWork and some of the other premie content free, and today we got a hint which corroborates this further, this hint was provided by the beta of iOS which shows the apps as free downloads like the other apps, iTunes U, Locate iPhone etc.

Free Premium Apps With iOS 7

Free Premium Apps With iOS 7

The image shown above shows the user launching App Store for the first time, as of now when we launch the App Store for the first time, it gives us the list of premium content from Apple which can be downloaded for free this includes, Podcasts, iTunes U, Find Friends, iBooks, Find My iPhone Apps. The screenshot from beta of iOS 7 shows some other premium content from Apple like the iWork Apps, iPhoto, iMovie and etc. This screenshot strenthens the rumour of free premium content by Apple with iOS7.

Recent introduction of the iWork for the iCloud web apps by Apple, seems to be a definitive step towards the free premium content by Apple, because as of now the iWork Apps- Pages, Keynotes, and Numbers are all sold for Rs. 550 on App Store and Garage Band and iMovie and iPhoto for Rs. 270. Now there could be a possibility that Apple might launch free web versions of these app or just make the current available versions free.

Put forward your views regarding this free premium content by Apple!

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