New Flat Logo By Motorola

Since Motorola was bought by Google, there have been a very less news about Motorola and even no major launches have been there.Even the employees have been silent about the company,even the D11 conference didn’t see anything major from Motorola.
But this news is a major one as Motorola goes for a change in their Logo and the new logo seems to be inspired by the logo of the parent company. This logo change can be seen as a testimony to the major changes that are being implemented in Motorola as a company.

Google Shows its bossiness in the Logo:
The most notable change, however, is what is underneath. To show of its new bosses, Motorola is now advertising that it is “a Google company.”

Font and Style:
The new logo is much simpler than Motorola’s old look, which was a bolded, italicized “MOTOROLA.” Now, everything is in lowercase font with a much softer color. The classic red “M” is now the same color as everything else and is surrounded by a wheel of colors.

Flat Design: Following the trend:

Following the trend, this new logo has a flat design, as everybody seems to be following this, see for example the new iOS by Apple, iOS 7 and even the OS X Mavericks seems to follow it.

The new logo made its first appearance on the site of Techweek, an event Motorola is co-sponsoring this week. Now, this does make us wonder if the logo is here to stay or if it just for the conference, but we’re inclined to say that it’s here for good. Companies don’t change their logos all that often, as they are not something taken lightly.