Do you want to test services which are not available in your country? Do you want to watch TV shows that you can’t view in your country? Here’s a solution to it- Unotelly UnoDNS. It’s a pretty good service if you wish to listen to music or watch movies on channels which are available only in selected countries. For example, Netflix, or maybe Pandora, these services are present only in the few countries of Latin America.


The best part of the service is that you don’t require any installation on your system or play with the modem. The process is well defined. Once you get connected to the VPN,all your traffic is routed through the server you configured. It’s basically an advantage that all your traffic gets routed through the VPN server, Enjoy the privelege.

Can not create a private network between your computer and an external server in another country, as in the case of VPN, DNS are altered so that, to access certain web sites, you do a computer identified as the United States, allowing the rest of the traffic flow as before.


The pricing for UnoDNS is very economical. You can view them here. The pricing starts from $5 per month but is worthy if you want to enjoy the free music and video streaming.

There are a lot of channels that you can experience with the service and you can also check out the Free trial to get a look and feel of the service.

One thing which troubled me was that there was some stuff which isn’t mentioned in the tutorial, but then the Support group is too efficient to help you out on an ASAP basis.